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 Alien Resources

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Alien Resources Empty
PostSubject: Alien Resources   Alien Resources EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 2:00 am

All of the folling resources if found by Combat , Salvage, Surveying and some by Derelict salavaging in the Expance.

Alien AI
Alien Antimatter
Alien Antivirrals
Alien Atmosphere Unit
Alien Bio Medical Tech
Alien Bio Regenerator
Alien Bio Tech
Alien Bio Weapon Tech
Alien Blueprints
Alien Building Block
Alien Chemical Station
Alien Chemical Store
Alien Civilian Goods
Alien Civilian Technology
Alien Commercial Goods
Alien Common Tech
Alien Communicator
Alien Construction
Alien Control Systems
Alien Cryogenics
Alien Cryogenics Tank
Alien Crystals
Alien Data Crystals
Alien Data Recordings
Alien Data Scanner
Alien Data Stream
Alien Detection Grid
Alien Detonator
Alien Directional Boosters
Alien Education System
Alien Electronics
Alien Emergency Rations
Alien Encryption Tech
Alien Engineering Systems
Alien Entertainment
Alien Fabrication Goods
Alien Flight Logs
Alien Food System
Alien Fresh Food
Alien Genetic Data
Alien High Tech
Alien Incubator
Alien Industrial Alloys
Alien Industrial Goods
Alien Industrial Tech
Alien Interface
Alien Logic System
Alien Long Range Scanner
Alien Manufacturing Block
Alien Mass Storage
Alien Medical Data
Alien Medical Pack
Alien Medicines
Alien Military Alloy
Alien Module System
Alien Neural Net
Alien Organic Matter
Alien Pet
Alien Planet Data
Alien Planetary Systems
Alien Plasglass
Alien Power Conduits
Alien Power Crystal
Alien Power Sensor
Alien Prism Device
Alien Processor
Alien Purification System
Alien Quantum Storage
Alien Repair Tool
Alien Security Data
Alien Security System
Alien Ship Parts
Alien Storage Rack
Alien Synthetics
Alien Targeting System
Alien Teleporter
Alien Thermal Shielding
Alien Toy
Alien Vaccine
Alien Xetol Skeleton
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Alien Resources
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